The symbolism

Certain symbols keep reoccurring in the illustrations.

God’s love

The upside-down hearts are God’s love falling down onto us from heaven. When we receive them, the hearts stick to our clothes and our character.

God’s commandments

God’s commandments are written on the golden tablets of the law. They are God’s directions to guide us to our true identity.

God’s Word

The luminous figure is the symbol for the Word of God in the biblical verses. Jesus, the eternally Living One, who repeatedly spreads out his arms over us.


The colourful flags are our encounters with God, which we can never forget. Testimonies are experiences that we carry with us and share. They are like markers that we drive into the ground on our path and we know: God’s goodness encountered me in this place.


The girl is a symbol for all of us. She stands for everyone who encounters various questions on the path of their life. The clothes represent our identity. When the hearts stick to them, it can be seen that we are carrying God’s love in us.

Our love

In the hearts you can see our human love. It is the love that we pass on to others.

God’s paths

God’s paths are the roads our heart chooses to follow. Their golden colour stands for the guidance that God’s word gives us. On these paths our heart is protected.

Dark paths

The dark roads are lies that lead us astray. They are decisions that lead us away from God and are an expression of our distrust towards him.


Life is full of beauty. It is waiting to be discovered by us. The flowers symbolize God’s manifold gifts to us, which we can enjoy.


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